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10 things every bride should know before she goes wedding shopping

Wedding dress shopping is not a simple task. Fortunately, a little preparation will help you with your search, and make the experience productive. If you are a prospective bride who will soon begin or is already on the hunt for your dream wedding gown, there are certain things you should be aware of before you go shopping. The wedding dress experts at Best for Bride: – tell us what these most important things are.

Setting a budget.

It is no fun falling in love with a gorgeous dress and later realizing that you cannot afford it. If this happens, the rest of your shopping experience will no longer be enjoyable. So, establish a budget before you go shopping this should not only cover the cost of the dress, but also alteration charges and the cost of accessories.

You should do some research;

With wedding dress designers bringing out gorgeous collections every season, you will have plenty of choice. Unless you have a general idea of what you want, you may find this variety overwhelming. A good wedding dress would be within your budget, feel comfortable and look great on you. Do your research in advance and shortlist wedding gown silhouettes that flatter your natural figure. Also identify styles that are suitable for your venue. Finally make a note of the dress features that you would love to wear. You can ask your consultant to pick dresses with these features when you go shopping. It isn’t uncommon to end up empty-handed at your first appointment like we said earlier, there are thousands of dresses out there. Although this improves your odds of finding a dress that meets your expectations, it can take time. You may be fortunate to find your wedding dress on your first appointment or even fall in love with the very first dress you try. However, don’t be too disappointed if you do not.

This is the dress of a lifetime, and it is worth every extra minute you spend on the search. Your dress delivery will take time it usually takes between six and nine months for a dress delivery after the order is placed. When you buy a dress, the boutique where you shop will place your order with the manufacturer. The manufacturer will then create the dress from scratch, and this is a time-consuming task. If it involves intricate work, it can take longer. You can have a new dress in less time, but you may incur rush charges for a speedy delivery. So, start early and make sure you have enough time for alterations as Dress shopping is exhausting.

Wedding gowns are complex, heavy garments with several layers of fabric in the structure. So, putting it on and taking it off is hard work. The more gowns you try on, the more tired you will most likely be. Don’t overlook this factor when scheduling your bridal appointments. We advise brides to book no more than two appointments on the same day. It is a big mistake to take too many people shopping with you your bridal shopping entourage can make your shopping appointment exciting or disastrous. There is greater chance for differing opinions when there are more people in your bridal party. Avoid confusion and chaos by taking only two or three close friends or family members to actually contribute to your shopping experience.

Make sure that they will be supportive of your decision and can offer honest and positive inputs when you need their opinion. If you have a favourite dress, let the salon know, although the bridal salon may carry the designer you like, they may not have all the dress models in stock. So, if there is a dress that you definitely want to try, inform them in advance. In case the boutique doesn’t carry that particular gown, they can arrange for the sample in time for your appointment or reschedule your appointment to when they can get it ready. It is best to go shopping when the shops aren’t crowded. Bridal dress shopping on the weekend is not a great idea. With many brides targeting the store at the same time, your appointment can become hectic.

Your bridal consultant will have back-to- back appointments. So, you will have to stick to your appointment timings. Your dress consultant will be able to focus more on you if you visit when the boutique isn’t crowded. With less rush on the shop floor you can enjoy a more personalized and relaxed wedding dress shopping. Your consultant is an expert who can help you Bridal dress consultants are wedding fashion experts with the talent to identify whether a dress will look good or not on a bride.

They can make suitable suggestions based on your body structure, type of wedding planned and your personal preferences. Since they have been working with gowns for a long time, they can usually identify whether a dress that lacks hanger appeal would look good when worn. So, trust your consultant and be welcome her suggestions. This will make your dress shopping a lot Expect the unexpected and start your wedding dress shopping with an open mind, and you will find it less stressful. It may be impossible to come across the perfect dress if your preferences are too specific. Instead, have a general idea in mind but be flexible with it. This way, you will have fun exploring the various options and a better chance at finding your dress sooner.

Author Bio: Best for Bride is a Canadian bridal dress chain with leading designer wedding dress collections and dresses for the rest of the wedding party. They also have a range of essential wedding services and an online shopping option for brides from other parts of the world.

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