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The all important Wedding Dress

We all know that one of the important aspects about the wedding is the dress. Let’s be honest, woman tend to dream about what they will wear on their special day well in advance of the event and even before the proposal. When you think about your wedding, one of the first things you will picture will be the dress.

Before a decision can be made, hundreds of different styles just have to be viewed and reviewed otherwise, how will you know you have made the right choice, right? So start with researching online and magazines. Hello May, White, Bride to Be, Modern Wedding, Bride and Real Weddings are some of the options out there to consider.

After the initial research it’s time to think about the style of the dress and the all-important silhouette. To get an idea about the different styles and how they will look on, brows wedding websites so you see real people and how they look with the various wedding gowns, as opposed to the dress worn by a model, or how the dress will look in a photo.

Picture yourself on your wedding day and imagine what your wedding dress will look like, then write down some of the ideas that come to mind. The type of fabric to consider might be: satin, embroidered, beaded or lacy. Think about the colour, is it going to be white, cream or something else, then there is the style of dress to consider. You would be surprised how effective this exercise is in determining what you want, and don’t want in a wedding dress.

Setting a budget is also crucial, even if it’s an approximate figure and it will make the decision process just that little bit easier. You can always go over you set budget later and off course don’t forget the all-important accessories.

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