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Throwing confetti at your wedding

Will there be confetti at your wedding?

Throwing confetti as a newly wed couple exits their wedding is an age-old wedding tradition. The tradition dates right back to Roman times, during which time grains of rice were thrown at the couple to bestow upon them prosperity and fertility. The word “confetti” comes from the Italian word “confetto” which refers to a type of sugared almond that is tossed into the air for special occasions.

There have been many modern twists on the traditional confetti and today confetti comes in a wide array of shapes and sizes. Though most people still think of confetti as being small pieces of coloured paper, nowadays it could be anything from colourful streamers, bubbles, hand folded paper planes or glitter confetti, through to the more more traditional rice or flower petals. A quick search on google will bring up a list of different confetti ideas which means there is a lot of flexibility to pick an option that fits in with your wedding theme.

Aside from the traditional aspect, confetti is a fun tradition that gets all of your guests up on their feet and involved. It also makes a great backdrop for some stunning wedding photography.

So, if you’re at the stage of planning you’re wedding exit, the question is, will there be confetti?

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