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Love at first Height

Are you having trouble finding that perfect match, the elusive Mr Right? Perhaps it's time to ditch that mindset - not all Romeos come in footballer -sized packages. The dating game can get tricky when it comes to height, especially if the guy doesn't measure up to a woman's expectations. He may be booted out of the game before he even gets a chance to put forward a strategy of play for her affection. On a subconscious level the female still has this image of what a couple should look like: A tall hunky man with a shorter slight woman........right? For many this may be the deal breaker. Just have a look on dating sites whereby you can filter out men by height. Obviously, physical attraction is an essential part of falling in love, but don't dismiss someone who you find attractive - that ticks all the boxes except the height one. Equally as important as attractiveness is looking for the qualities you want to find and to do this you must challenge your own beliefs.

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