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Deciding on the right celebrant, the right fit for you.

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Deciding on the right celebrant, the right fit for you, can be time consuming but a process well worth investing in as this will be one of the most important days of your life. The ceremony needs to be officiated by a celebrant that will make it special for you and leave you and your guests with wonderful memories for years to come.

Who will be the right celebrant for your ceremony? And what should you be looking for? In my opinion a good celebrant will work with you to create a ceremony that is unique and reflects your personality, demonstrates your relationship and the bond you have that has brought you to this point where by you are now making a commitment to live together for life, and affirming this in front of the people who are near and dear to you. In effect, can the celebrant personalise your ceremony so it feels like it is completely yours and it marks the beginning of a life long journey.

Feeling comfortable enough to open up and talk about how you met, what values you share and how wonderful you feel being around each other, is vital as this should be expressed and illustrated by the celebrant on the day of the ceremony with the words chosen. Your celebrant will help you feel at ease while planning the special day and provide you with the resources needed to write your personal vows.

Once they have the story of how you met and how you fell head over heels in love with each other they will put together the introduction of the ceremony that will lead into the vows. All of this is off course takes time and an experienced celebrant will ensue that no detail is missed and an accurate account of how you met will be conveyed to all of the guests who are there to witness the once in a lifetime event

When the decision on the celebrant is made, and they are available on your chosen day, make the booking as good celebrants are usually booked fairly early. Then your celebrant will provide you with a service agreement which is an agreement between yourself and the celebrant and your expectations of the celebrant on the day, the start time of the ceremony and the location are off course vital in this agreement and that way it’s all very clear.Marriage Ceremonies Melbourne ensures the wishes of the couple are clearly outlined and no detail is ever missed.

The fees celebrants charge vary just like any other profession, the skill levels also vary between celebrants. Remember what appears to be cheap may not always be best. Always ask the question of ‘how long have you been a celebrant’ and how many ceremonies have you officiated at? Build rapport with your celebrant as this will ensure the success of your special day. Your objective should be to find that special celebrant to entrust your once in a life time ceremony is unforgettable.

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