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What is it exactly that a Celebrant does?

Celebrant duty

The role of a Civil Marriage Celebrant is to conduct ceremonies, to solemnise marriages in accordance with the Marriage Act, 1961. A celebrant can conduct a wedding ceremony anywhere in Australia provided they have been appointed by the Australian Government Attorney General’s Department. As people’s requirements differ, and people look for an alternative to the denominational ceremony, an increasing number of people seek out the services of a Civil Celebrant.

The advantages of engaging a Civil Celebrant are that you can create your wedding ceremony as it suits you and it can be as meaningful as any other ceremony if not more so. It can be personalised and tailored to your own requirements and not conducted around the requirements of a denominational ceremony, if that isn’t what you would like. That said, a Civil Celebrant can also include religious content into to the ceremony if the couple so choose, but the choice is there and that is the advantage of the engaging a civil celebrant. It is all about choice.

With that in mind, the Celebrant facilitates the couple’s requirements and works with them every step of the way. The role of an experienced and skilled celebrant is to extract ideas and obtain instructions on requirements from the couple, along with their own personal story and compile a meaningful and memorable ceremony that will be treasured for many years to come. The importance of the Celebrant at the wedding ceremony cannot be underestimated and a good celebrant is worth their weight in gold. In effect they can make the wedding ceremony a huge success or it may be not as exciting as perhaps it could have been.

One of the advantages of engaging a Civil Celebrant is that you get to choose the location of your dream wedding. You get the say of where your ceremony will be formalised and apart from the legal side of the union everything else decided by you. The Civil Celebrant will look after all of the paperwork for you and lodge the required documents.

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