Tips on Hiring Your Wedding Celebrant

The wedding, in its entirety, can be an overwhelming as well as a tiring event. It needs your attention to
detail to be at par, and it demands you to be constantly on your feet, running and making sure
everything is perfect, starting from the flowers till the verb last song that will be played on your d-day.

During all this, the most important thing is to make sure that you hire a qualified wedding celebrant who
will help you sail through your big day smoothly, and authorize your marriage without you having to
drag yourself in to the legal and lifeless procedures of getting it done in a registrar’s office.

Before you hire the celebrants, here are some tips that you should consider - because we all marry once
and we all hire the celebrant once - we cannot afford to go wrong with it!



Decide what you want to be a part of your wedding ceremony

The thing that needs to be done before getting the wedding celebrant is to decide what kind of wedding
do you plan to have. It is only then that you will be able to go and look for the right kind of celebrant.
Once you are sure of what you want your wedding ceremony to be like, then from there on, you will be
able to sit down with your celebrant and design the ceremony. Whether you want a themed wedding, a
traditional one, or a very modern and sophisticated one - you have to convey your aspirations to your
celebrant to prepare for the ceremony.

Choosing the celebrant
The next step is to look for a qualified celebrant in your area. It is important that you approach them
online, and once you have narrowed down your options, you should contact each of them and decide to
have a meeting before you finally hire them. This is necessary because before hiring them you would
want to see if you like the way they sit down and try to understand your ideas, the way they speak and
deliver a thought, the clarity in their words, and the idea they come up with. Most importantly, you
need to check if the celebrant resonates with you and gives you the feeling of ease. This is because it will
be very important on your wedding day that you are at least comfortable around your celebrant.

Look up for their clients’ testimonials
The only way to make sure of your celebrant’s credibility is to look up for what their previous clients
have to say about them. The celebrant you are planning to hire must have an online website or a social
media page where they interact with people. See how they speak with them and what reviews people
have given about their services. It will give you an idea about what you will be getting into. Make sure
that the reviews are from couples whose weddings they have officiated before.

Ask your friends about them
Other than just looking up online for a wedding celebrant, you can look around for them among your
friends, family, wedding planners, photographers and caterers, as they all are a part of several weddings,
and they have such contacts all over. Discussing it with them can get you a list of wedding celebrants
you may consider hiring for your wedding.

Getting it official
Once you have done your homework and finally arrived at a decision about the celebrant you would be
hiring, make sure that you get everything in black and white. Make a list of the services you plan on
getting, the fees, the transportation cost, and other service charges. This is necessary to get a clear idea
about everything, and prepare for it beforehand. It’s all in the mind after all, but it must be on paper for
the sake of ease and peace of mind.

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