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Why You Should Consider a Small Wedding

As time is passing by and we are moving forward, we feel the need to be closer and closer to our loved ones. Beneath all the pretences and the fancy things, all we desire deep down is a closely-knit circle of people who love us truly, and are just right there in front of us. Maybe this is why people have started to ditch the idea of a big fat wedding and simply have a small and warm one where they share their vows and eat warm food with their friends and family, under the fairy lights somewhere hidden among the trees.

There are many reasons still, to have a big lavish wedding - after all, you get married only once. However, for those people who are looking to plan something warm and intimate, there are 3 reasons to convince them further why a small wedding is best to go for.

1. The day I started dreaming about getting married, I always disliked the idea of not getting the chance to spend time with my friends and family on my wedding day, just because of the formalities and many responsibilities to take care of. When there is a big wedding, there is a chance of getting lost in the details and hardly getting a moment to sit and talk to people who actually showed up on your big day. Your wedding should not be about formalities. It should be about spending time with those friends and family who have been a part of your life until now. A small wedding lets you have a quality time with everyone you love under the same sky.

2. A small wedding means a small guest list, and small guest list means you are not forgetting anyone. A small wedding allows you to save a lot of time, effort, and a big part of your budget that can be used to make the guests feel more special by giving them token of love, instead of spending that money on more guests. Or, you can also spend that money on your honeymoon or to decorate your dream home after marriage. A big wedding can cost you up to $40,000! Imagine this amount being spent on just one day. A small wedding is a budget-friendly option, without you having to overdo anything. However, you may choose to spend the money that you will save from having a small wedding. It will definitely be less hectic and breezier.

3. One emotion, or let’s say a bundle of emotions that are felt on the wedding day can make you feel like your stomach is churning upside down, and make you feel sick even in that pretty dress of yours. Everything feels like caving into you just because you have too much to deal with in just one day. Wedding day is a day filled with happiness, tears, fears, and nervousness. Not only that, a big wedding is filled with hustle and bustles, the commotion, things left undone, the cake melting away, the flowers not properly put in their places, or simply misplaced guest name plates on the tables. It is obviously too much to deal with and that too on the day when you should not be feeling anything but warmth and love. A small wedding frees you from all this, and lets you have a small intimate gathering with less chances of anything going wrong. After all, there will only be your loved ones there, trees, and fairy lights, soft music, and a perfectly-planned wedding that turned into a day to cherish for life.

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