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Don’ts of a Marriage Proposal

We do not want you to mess up one of the most important moments of yours and your partner’s life, and the climax to your fairy tale that you will forever tell your kids and grand kids. Here are some basic don’ts that you need to take care of while going for the marriage proposal.

DON’T # 1 - Not making it concrete!

We all love the abstract ideas of love and expressions, all the butterflies and knots in the stomach, and all that violins in your head. However, there comes a time when your love demands a token of love that is more concrete in nature, something that translates into strong commitment. The biggest mistake a man can make when proposing, is to propose without a ring. A ring signifies a bond in its concrete form. It is a metaphor for eternal bonding. It does not matter if the ring is made of diamond or gold or even candy, all that matters is that you have something to put on that finger. If you are not getting the ring because you are afraid she may not like it, then ask the jewelers if they offer an exchange policy so that you two can go later.

DON’T # 2 – Being hasty!

Don’t be the eager beaver. We all understand that when you feel it in your bones that she is the one, you cannot wait to put a ring on that.However, don’t make a hasty decision. The puppy-love stage does not and will not last a lifetime. After a while, a relationship becomes more about tackling the life together and dealing with practicalities and not just having fun dates. You must see your partner in her every mood phase, state of mind, learn about all her good and annoying habits, and then decide whether you would love that person in all her ups and downs or not. Also, before proposing, make sure that she has displayed or reciprocated the same feelings for you to spend her life with you, so the proposal does not end up in awkwardness.

DON’T # 3 – Making it a public thing!

Who doesn’t want the world to know about the love of their life, especially when you justcan’t wait to get together? With all that passion and gooey emotions running in your veins, it becomes difficult not to let everyone know about it. However, you can save that for later. There is always time to tell people about it, but the moment where you express your wish to spend the rest of your life with that one person comes only once. So make sure it is only about you two without having everyone’s attention over you.

Let there be space for just two of you to let the moment sink in and feel it, instead of being surrounded by many people crowding up the space. Make the proposal personal and intimate. This is where you should consider going home instead of going big. Let her feel the moment, let it linger in between you two so you both can have time and space to reflect on what has just happened.

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