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Basics of Having a Buck’s Night

If you are thinking that the tradition of throwing a buck’s night for the groom-to-be is relatively new, then you are wrong. The trend of throwing a bachelor’s party dates back to the time of Spartans. Yes the great Sparta! The Spartans used to throw a single night out for the groom to celebrate and toast on his behalf and wish for bride’s good health. However, this warm-hearted gesture did not include all the wildness of present day’s bachelor’s party. We all know how things go down nowadays on such events. However, there are ways in which you can make sure that you give your dear groom a pleasant night out to celebrate a new milestone in his life.

Know Who to Invite

The buck’s night is also called as gentlemen’s night.Over the course of time, things have become rather less civilized. You start with the guests. Think of who the groom would want to spend this night with– of course, his dear friends and close male relatives. Invite all those who you think the groom is close too. However, make sure it remains a small gathering where the guests should not include those who the groom barely knows.If he doesn’t get along with his boss, skip the boss too!

Go Back to the Old Fashioned Ways

Now that things have taken more of a wild and casual turn, the original essence of the buck’s night has been lost somewhere in between. Bring that back. Skip on the venues such as pubs, clubs, discos, pool parties, or night full of booze, gambling or doing all the monkey business. There are some old fashioned ideas you can choose from to celebrate the manliness and honor of the groom, in a rather traditional and classy way.

You can plan on adventures such as camping in the woods, hunting on the mountains, skydiving, and stargazing. Or if you want something luxurious,you may consider going to a cigar bar for an expensive whiskey, smell of leather and all your favorite men around!

Choose the Right Time

Timing is essential factor to count. Usually we see bachelor’s party taking place a day before the big day. It has almost become a custom to have the guys’ night out a day before the wedding day. However, skip on that idea and rather plan something that does not stress the groom out a day before his wedding. Plan the party a week before,probably on the last weekend before the big day.This will allow the groom to enjoy without worrying about his sleep, his drinking activities or a worried bride. Fix a date and send out early invitations to all of the people you are planning to invite, so that everyone can adjust their schedules around it.

Things to Remember

The one throwing the party must take care of certain things. First, let’s not get the groom get too much drunk. Make sure there are no such activities that tend to insult the groom or the spirit of bachelor’s night on whole. And the most important, divide the cost of the event among the people attending the party. It would not be a problem since only those people will be invited who are close to the groom. So make everyone pitch in and let your groom have the best night out to celebrate the last days of bachelorhood and look forward to the new beginning ahead!

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