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Throwing a Memorable Hen’s Night –The Basics You Should Know!

Why should guys have all the fun? Wedding is a milestone and the most important event of both bride’s and groom’s life, so both of them should be given a chance to celebrate and toast their single life spent so far and prep up their minds to look forward to the new beginnings ahead.

A bachelorette or hen’s night, whatever you like to call it, is not as raunchy and wild as our groom’s like to have. Rather, they revolve around giving some relaxing time to the bride to be so she can relax and be mentally prepared for her big day. Here are some basics to having the bachelorette night right.

Guests and hosts

There is no hard and fast rule about who will be hosting the party. Since it is a small close-knit gathering, anyone or everyone can take the charge. All you need to make sure is that the people, who will be toasting in the bride’s honor, are close and those who have been the most important part of bride’s life up till now.

Set the date

It is better to not go for a night before the big day. Usually this has become a tradition but it only turns into a bad decision the next day. You do not want the bride to be having a hangover or the guests to be too tired to properly attend the wedding. This is why plan the party a week before, so the bride can have her beauty sleep and look her best on the big day

Make it a team work

Start planning a month or two before the big day so you can throw the best party. You can ask the guests to contribute in the cost.Since it will be a small gathering of closest ones, they will not mind. If you are ordering food, then make sure you place the order at least a week ago. Choose a hassle-free dish or simply ask everyone to bring one different dish to the venue. Remember, you do not have to make it too expensive to make it the best.

Send out early invites

You can either buy invitation cards or sit down to make your own. Start with a theme of your party. Then design the invitations according to that. Some people simply choose to call the guests and skip on the send-outs.However, receiving a handmade invitation card has its own charm. Send out the invites a couple of weeks before the party so people can plan to attend it beforehand rather than scheduling at the last hour. Party Time!

Make it last

Mostly, the bachelorette parties are all about having fun and a free night out. However, a change of things is never a bad idea! Make it all about the bride, think what she likes and plan the day’s activities according to it. Spend the day making her feel special and telling her exactly why. Rather than sticking to same old clubbing, and drinking or dancing spree, try to do something more special, sentimental and meaningful. Take her to karaoke or for a trip to a winery. And if you can pull some strings, then attend a cooking class with her favorite chef.The point is, make sure the day revolves around her, and reminds her of all the good in her life and all the good to come ahead.

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