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Weddings are Not Always Supposed to Be Expensive

Your wedding does not have to be an event where you are found pacing here and there, worried and in haste. Money is always a thing we all can save, and spending thousands of dollars on wedding can be easily avoided by making tweaking your budget and have a stress-less day. Here are some ways you can trim down your budget and make more space for comfort and happiness to step in.


To start with, plan to have a wedding in off seasons. Yes, we all dream of a June wedding but winter wedding is not a bad choice either. Summers, fall and spring are the busiest season when it comes to weddings. Moreover, high demand of wedding essentials translates into high prices. You can have everything you want while staying well-within your budget, if you choose to have an off-season wedding ideally, in late fall or early winters. You can get discounts from many wedding planners and vendors during this time.


Most of the people choose to have their weddings on weekends. That is probably because everyone has the next day off. However, you can choose to have your wedding on any other day of the week, as it will be not as expensive as the weekends. Our personal favorite is a quiet Tuesday!


A wedding should be a warm and welcoming gathering, but often you have to reconsider who to put in your guest list. Include all those people who have been with you through thick and thin until this day of your life, they deserve to be a part of it. However, there are still some people you might need to cross out – all your old friends whom you have hardly met in a year, your parent’s relatives, and old coworkers. Also, do not extend the plus one invitation to people who do not have an immediate family member to bring along.


Let us face it; you are never going to use your wedding items again in your life. This is why you need to get your creative cap on and think of the ways you can make a do-it-yourself wedding. Think of all the ways you can get the dress, instead buying it. You can rent it, borrow it or simply design one yourself at a much cheaper cost while adding more sentiments into it. You can also use your mother’s wedding dress or your best friend’s wedding veil. Aside from that, you can also try to set up your wedding décor all by yourself, or with the help of friends or relatives. You can look up many economical wedding décor ideas on Pinterest. It will save you a lot of money.


With your guest list trimmed and focused, you know who is who and why they are a part of your life, which is why you can afford to skip on expensive wedding gifts. Yes, it is important to make the guests feel that their presence was acknowledged and appreciated. However, you can always choose to do that in a less expensive manner. Look for who likes what. Give it a thought and add a personal touch to each gift, you do not have to give out the same gift to everyone. You can customize each gift according to each guest’s personality. This will be easier because you already have your guest list narrowed down to all those few important people.

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