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How do you choose the right celebrant?

How do you pick the right celebrant for your wedding day or commitment ceremony? Who is the right celebrant or the right celebrant for you? It’s imperative that the person you choose will ensure that everything goes smoothly and that the legal requirements will all be taken care of. The wedding ceremony is a legal ceremony and the celebrant has four core elements to attend to for the ceremony to be recognise by law. 1) The celebrant must introduce himself/herself. 2) The celebrant must say out loud the couple’s names. 3) The celebrant must read out sections 46 of the marriage act. 4) The couple must say their vows. This is the primary requirement of a celebrant. With this, there is a lot the celebrant has to organise and precision is everything, you need to ensure that the celebrant you choose has great organisational skills. Ask each celebrant how many wedding ceremonies they have conducted, this is always a good starting point.

Equally as important, the celebrant needs to be friendly - easy to get on with and professional. The celebrant you choose for your ceremony should be:


Possess good listening skills

Respectful of your rights as individuals and as a couple

Friendly, sincere and accommodating

Easily adaptable

Absolutely love the job they do

Sense of humour

It is worth investing the time in finding the right celebrant, one that inspires confidence and makes you feel that the ceremony will go smoothly, the atmosphere will be relaxed and your special day stress free and fun. The celebrant needs to have the skills to deliver a fantastic ceremony – a ceremony that will reflect your personalities,and will have the resources to make your ceremony a truly memorable occasion.

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