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Choose the Right Rings For Your LGBT Wedding

The votes are in and the results are overwhelming, love has won in Australia. Love is in the air, in a big way, and same-sex couples throughout the country are seizing the occasion to make a lasting commitment to their relationships.

Of course, the decision to get married requires a little more than just a simple yes or no. While the LGBT community might not be the most traditional, individuals of any gender or orientation can appreciate a little pageantry; after all that’s the whole point of planning a wedding ceremony in the first place. But before that can happen, you need to pop the question, and that means one or both of you need to buy the wedding rings.'

Before you scoff at the suggestion, remember that after the cake has been eaten, and the last dance has been danced at your ceremony, your wedding rings will still continue to be worn as an enduring symbol of your bond. So, rings do serve a very real purpose. That doesn’t mean you need to stress out over the buying decision though, answering these questions will make finding the right rings for the occasion a breeze.

Do You Need Two Rings or Two Bands?

In straight relationships, the answer to this question is relatively simple. The bride gets a glitzy diamond, while the groom settles for a simple wedding band. For same-sex partners, it’s not quite so straightforward. It’s important to discuss this issue beforehand. If both of you want rings then you may decide to simply share one ring, or alternatively, present separate rings to each to wear at the wedding.

Remember, it’s not necessary that your rings match. In fact, the pre-engagement discussions are a great way to scope out what your partner is looking for in their jewelry. Ideally, a ring should reflect the personality and taste of the wearer.

Do You Really Need Diamonds?

Just because diamonds have been the hallmark of straight weddings for centuries, doesn’t mean you need to feel limited in your own ring shopping. LGBT weddings provide the perfect opportunity to flaunt tradition. If you’re looking to add some color to your ring finger, how about a sapphire? These gemstones are known to be one of the hardest minerals in existence, and they come in a stunning variety of colors.

If you do opt for a diamond ring, you don’t need to settle for a conventional single stone setting either. Instead of one expensive brilliant quality stone, why not invest in a ring that sparkles with several smaller excellent-cut diamonds.

All That Glitters Isn’t Gold

Yellow gold bands are a popular choice for many couples, but there are a range of equally suitable alloys for you to consider. Platinum is a durable, scratch-resistant alternative that will last for decades with minimal maintenance. If you’re looking for affordability then modern jewelers can craft some stunning silver bands as well.

If you are going for gold, make sure to choose a 14k or 18k band. This denotes that the gold has been mixed with other materials to increase durability. Pay particular attention to any alloys that contain nickel, as this substance has been known to cause allergic reactions amongst wearers.

Why Don’t You Shop Together?

Unless you have your heart set on a surprise engagement, you can avoid much of the guesswork when it comes to ring selection by simply making the purchase as a couple. After all, what better way to make a start on the mutual decision making process which will be paramount in the relationship.

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