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5 LGBT Wedding Trends for the New Year

It’s an extremely happy new year for LGBT couples across Australia; with the recent passing of same-sex marriage legislation in the country, wedding bells are being heard in many homes. But it’s not just love that’s winning - the economy too could see a substantial boost from all the newfound matrimonial fervour.

According to the banking group ANZ, the financial benefit from same-sex marriages throughout the year could rake in as much as $650 million for the nation’s coffers. That includes an expected spike in tourism figures, as gay tourists from all over the world look to make Australia the site for their destination weddings and honeymoons.

With everyone planning their upcoming nuptials at the same time, the last thing you want is to be left out in the cold. To help your preparations along, we’ve compiled this list of fabulous wedding trends that we expect to be prominently featured in many gay wedding ceremonies right through 2018.

1. Back to Nature

Budget-conscious wedding planners are in luck because rustic DIY decorations and finger foods are becoming increasingly popular as modern couples embrace a more casual, natural aesthetic. Expect to see a lot of floral touches to accentuate this design element, from messily arranged flower pots lining the aisles, to so-called living bars that incorporate foliage into their construction.

2. Formal Styles

It might not be completely in line with the vibrant colours of your usual pride parade, but deep navy blues, rich burgundies and black accents are all the rage when it comes to wedding styles this year. Somewhat appropriately we’re seeing more traditional elements also returning to marriage ceremonies, with classic black and white tuxedos and long, flowing bridal dresses once again in favour.

LGBT couples who favour more non-conventional styles can jazz up standard attire and colour schemes with colourful trims and glittery accents.

3. Personalized Neon Signs

You might not be heading to Las Vegas, but you can certainly add some of that same fun and glamour to your own ceremony. Custom-made backlit signs can be used to express loving sentiments or simply show off a bit of humour. For gay partners looking to push the boat out a little bit, it’s a great little touch to think about.

4. Different Deserts

The days when frosting-heavy, multi-tier cakes were the only desert option are long gone. Modern ceremonies are very much open to a range of sweet treats; from ice creams to custards, popsicles and dripping donuts. Of course, that doesn’t mean you need to forego the cutting of the cake altogether, but instead of a traditional white, layered cake wedding experts suggest a dripping chocolate cake, with only a thin layer of butter cream frosting.

5. Intimate Ceremonies and Rocking After-Parties

This trend actually first started before legalization, when LGBT couples were still being forced to marry abroad in countries where same-sex marriage was legal. In these situations, large wedding ceremonies were a tough proposition, due to the difficulties faced in getting friends and family members out to distant location. To get around these constraints, many newly wedded couples planned lavish after-parties in their home cities to give those who weren’t able to attend, a taste of celebrations.

Although this sort of savvy planning is thankfully no longer a concern, the strong focus on great after-parties does still remain. Usually these looser events take place in a separate part of the hotel or reception hall, or at a separate location all together. These occasions also give you a little more room to get creative with fun late-night snacks and out-there decor being common

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