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Tips to Make Your LGBT Wedding One That Guests Will Love

The fight is over and love has won. For same-sex couples across Australia, it’s finally okay to celebrate their love in the most meaningful way possible. For LGBT couples in long-term relationships, this special day has been a long time coming, so you’d definitely be forgiven for letting your creativity run wild as you plan for the big occasion.

But while you and your partner may be having a blast micromanaging the tiniest details, it’s important that you don’t forget the other people involved in this whole affair. That’s right; we mean the guests, all those beloved friends and family members without whom your wedding ceremony might seem sadly empty. Amongst all your preparations, it’s important not to forget about the comfort, entertainment, and refreshment of these loved ones.

We’ve compiled this handy list of tips to make your wedding date a day to remember for everyone who attends.

A Warm Welcome

Why wait to give out wedding favours until the guests start to leave, when so many get left behind anyway. Instead, pack your wedding bag full of goodies that attendants can enjoy through the ceremony and after-party. Snacks, water bottles, and aspirin (for the morning after) are all good choices.

Another great way to make guests feel the love as soon as they come in is with a table of pre-ceremony cocktails, to get everyone loosened up.

Comfortable Clothing Accessories

If you’re planning on a beach wedding or you’ve scheduled your nuptials for the winter months then why not give your attendants a helping hand? Provide flip flops and blankets at the door so guests can protect their dress shoes from any harm, and when the night starts to wear on those comfy throws will seem like a Godsend.

Keep it Going

The last thing you want to do is bore your guests with long, awkward waits in between events. From the ceremony, to the reception to the potential after-party, every piece of your wedding should fit together seamlessly, without dragging on.

That includes the vows by the way. Your guests may be here to witness your special day, but they’ll love you a lot more if you keep the your words short and sweet. Remember, there’s plenty of time for toasts at the reception when everyone is well-fed and watered.

Show the Way

Directions can be a problem both during and after the ceremony. Even if you’ve included a detailed map with the invitation, many guests will inevitably lose their way. The best way to ensure a smooth flow of traffic at the wedding venue is by posting up some simple signs to inform guests about where to go next. That way, once the ceremony is done, they’ll know exactly where they need to go to get to the reception. Similarly, a clear signpost around the bar and restrooms will provide welcome relief.

If you’re planning on holding the reception at a different venue, you might consider hiring some transport to take all your guests there together. This will ensure that the celebrations start with everyone included.

Keep it Cozy and Casual

If there’s one thing that LGBT weddings can afford do without, it’s formality and tradition. Too often, these affairs can be marked by a sombre, respectful air that leads to stiff conversation and even stiffer dancing. Instead of straight-backed chairs, introduce long-style sofas in the reception hall where guests can sit and mingle easily. Introduce interactive entertainment like photo booths or lawn games to help guests loosen up and get involved.

Finish With a Bang

Who doesn’t love a good fireworks display? Early leavers will be sure to stick around if they know there’s a grand finale around the corner.

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