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Decoration Tips to Make a Fabulous Gay Wedding

Wedding fever is alive and well amongst Australia’s LGBT communities, as gay couples throughout the country get ready to take advantage of our new same-sex marriage legislation. Perhaps more than any other occasion, weddings provide a multitude of opportunities to express you and your partner’s personalities, both individually and as a pair.

Nowhere is this freedom more apparent than in the wedding decor. From floral arrangements, to centrepieces to signage and fabrics, there’s no end to the custom touches you can add to make you ceremony and reception feel truly unique.

Just in case you’re lacking in inspiration, we’ve compiled this list of wedding decoration ideas to help you in your planning.

Show Off Your Pride!

Gay marriage has been a long time coming to Australia, so when it does come time to tie the knot who could forgive you for referencing that long hard road to equality.

Rainbow flowers have shown up a few LGBT weddings in various forms. The obvious way to achieve the effect is to have your florist pick out a bouquet in an array of corresponding colours, but if you’re into DIY then try dying these delicate buds to achieve a unique multi-hued effect.

LGBT pride posters in various hues dotted across the backdrop can also create a powerful effect. Add in rainbow coloured ribbons and streamers to create the perfect atmosphere for your special day.

Add Some Signage

There are lots of opportunities to include fancy signage during and after the ceremony, whether you’re guiding guests to their chairs, telling them where to sit down to eat, or simply welcoming attendants to the event.

Many LGBT couples will decide to opt for gender-neutral terminology on these signs. For example, instead of “Mr and Mrs” signs, you might see signs with the names of the wedded couple to be. Alternatively, you might see a “Mr and Mr” Or “Mrs and Mrs” sign up front and centre. Signs also provide a great space to exercise some creativity and personality. Whether you’re artistic, playful or romantic, write down a few lines or quotes to really set to the tone for the whole affair.

Do make sure that the type of signage you use matches up to your general decor. For example, a chalk message written on a wooden board may be perfect for a more rustic outdoor ceremony, but a more refined indoor event would probably call for an elegantly written message on a neat panel.

Leave Your Mark

What better way to personalize your decorations than with a signature. Get you and your partner’s unique identifiers added to the centrepieces, tote bags and placeholders at every table. If that sounds like too much work (or your signature isn’t the neatest), you might consider designing an appropriate monogram or logo which you can use to adorn the wedding stationary and other accessories.

Use Colour and Texture to your Advantage

You should have a unified theme for your wedding and this theme should incorporate two or three basic colours. While the odd rainbow accent is great for adding vibrancy, by and large you want to stick to different shades of the same hues to create a consistent, rich atmosphere to the wedding.

Fabrics such as linens, chair covers, streamers and sashes will help to bring depth and feel to the surroundings. Even if certain pieces are included only as an accent, the feeling of warmth and comfort will certainly be enhanced.

Pay Attention to Lighting

We all know that lighting is used to set a mood, and you can use this effect to your advantage by picking the right light tones to match your theme and the time of day. For example, warm yellow light is a perfect accompaniment for slow dining and conversation, while a darkened room with a few multi-coloured flashing bulbs will certainly let your guests know that it’s time to dance.

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