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3 Terrific Ways to Arrange Sustainable Wedding Flowers for Your Special Day

bride holding a wedding bouquet

Are you looking for ways to make your wedding sustainable and environmentally friendly?

The floral decor and bridal bouquet is often a concern for eco-conscious couples. Even though they are a huge part of the wedding decor, these lovely things usually end up in a trashcan.

Does that mean you should ditch floral decorations altogether?

Don’t fret! We’ve got a few sustainable wedding flower ideas up our sleeve. From potted plants, dried flowers, to post-wedding arrangements, each idea brings an eco-friendly spin to your wedding decor.

Let’s have a look:

1. Seasonal Blooms

Do you want to know a trade secret?

You get more options for sustainable floral when you shop locally. That is because florists and growers from Melbourne are adopting ethical and eco-friendly practices these days. They also try to accommodate your needs with minimum impact on the overall design.

The best part is that you will receive fresh blooms when you order from local vendors. This factor eliminates the need for chemicals or preservatives to retain the freshness of the flowers.

2. Sustainable Alternatives

You can always take the unconventional route if you want to save the planet. You can do this by incorporating alternative floral items to the wedding. You can opt for elements that last longer or that you can reuse in the future.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Pretty Petals

Perhaps, the simplest way to incorporate flowers in your wedding is by using petals. You can find a bag full of freeze-dried petals from your florist. Then use the petals to decorate the venue by sprinkling it along the aisle and on the tables.

2. Portable Potted Plants

Painted potted plants will make an excellent addition to your eco-friendly wedding decor. You can assemble the large pots in rows to create a boundary line for your aisle. Alternatively, you can use the smaller ones as a centrepiece for each table.

The live flowers will add an interesting dynamic to your presentation. The florists can take the potted plants back unscathed the next day without any issue.

3. Dried Foliage and Floral

You can use dried leaves, branches, and flowers for decor too. The dried elements make an excellent combination for an autumn wedding. They complement the natural beauty of the season and make the other colours in the room pop.

3. Repurpose the Flowers

Repurpose, recycle, and rejoice.

A brilliant way to control wedding flower wastage is by planning a way to repurpose the floral decor and bouquet. You can do this by asking the florist to take the flowers back after the event, to reuse it for shoots or resell them.

Other ideas include:

  • Creating a flower wrapping station for guests to take the flowers home

  • Turning the floral decor into miniature bouquets to send them to hospitals and nursing homes

  • Gifting the bouquets to wedding planner/vendors/staff to thank them for their efforts

In a Nutshell

In the end, remember that getting sustainable wedding flowers will not comprise your floral design. You can still achieve something aesthetically pleasing with the right florist. Besides this, the thought of starting your marriage on such a positive note is gratifying.

No elaborate floral décor idea will come close to that feeling.

Hold on! Have you hired a wedding celebrant yet? Contact us to take care of your marriage ceremony and arrange eco-friendly decorations for your big day.

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