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5 Fantastic Wedding Venues in Melbourne

Bride and Groom

Are you planning an outdoor wedding in Melbourne?

The city’s historical locations, natural parks, and stoic architecture, all set the ideal scene for your special occasion. With so many options out there, you could find it hard to make the final decision. So we’ve shortlisted the most popular wedding venues in Melbourne (and surrounding area) to nudge you in the right direction.

Let’s have a look:

1. Melbourne Zoo

Want your wedding ceremony to be unique?

Head over to the Melbourne Zoo to plan a one-of-a-kind event. The zoo has a wide variety of locations where you can exchange vows. These include the Japanese Garden, Platypus Lawn, Butterfly House, and some exquisite reception rooms.

What’s more? You get to include a tour of the zoo in your itinerary, with Melbourne’s residential wildlife making a guest appearance in your wedding photos.

The zoo can accommodate 50-150 guests, depending on the location.

2. Mount Macden Winery

Acres of idyllic vineyards, the towering peaks of Mt. Macden, rustic barn, and lots of wine― Mount Macden Winery offers the complete package.

Winery weddings are kind of on-trend these days due to their lively green surroundings, old-world charm, and the chance to taste Melbourne’s finest wine. This location ticks all these boxes, and also adds in a historical element to your day.

Apart from this, it’s got an elegant restaurant that you can book for your reception. It also serves as a plan B for a wedding ceremony that gets interrupted by the weather.

The winery can cater to approximately 170 guests. They’ve also got a marquee option if you’re planning to host a big wedding.

3. Lady Janet Clarke Rotunda – Queen Victoria Gardens

Are you looking for something classy and sophisticated?

Queen Victoria Gardens sets the stage for a regal affair. That’s what makes it one of the best wedding venues in Melbourne. The Lady Janet Clarke Rotunda is one of our favourites. Its domed structure, lush green grounds, and serene ambiance are apt for an intimate wedding ceremony.

Moreover, it’s a fitting choice for couples who’re looking for something minimalistic.

It accommodates 80 guests. We feel that the space is just right for a small wedding. You can add a marquee or umbrellas to shelter the rest of the party.

4. Avalon Castle

Do you want to plan a fairytale wedding?

Located in the village of Cockatoo, the Avalon Castle can transform your fantasy into a reality. From its ivy-clad walls, enchanting garden, gorgeous gazebo to the chapel’s stained glass windows, this venue provides you with the perfect setup for your dream wedding.

Plus, with the right wedding package, you could get the key to a cosy cottage for your wedding night. It’s ideal for couples who’re planning a weekend wedding.

How many guests can the venue accommodate? 100.

5. Corburg Lake Reserve

Want a waterfront wedding?

Corburg Lake Reserve opens its serene lakefront for your special day. The reserve is a short 30 minute drive away from the city, which allows you to escape the hubbub of city life for a day.

Tall trees and lovely willows encompass the tranquil lake. These characteristics create a pretty scene for your ceremony.

Pro tip: You have to ask the Moreland City Council to allow you to organize your wedding if the guest list exceeds more than 100.

It’s a Wrap

On the whole, the wedding venues in Melbourne range from awe-inspiring gardens, quintessential sites to picturesque vineyards. We are certain that you’ll find something that matches your wedding goals inside this list. However, if you’re still looking for more options, then visit our main wedding venue page. Our list covers many mesmerizing locations that will appeal to your aesthetic sense.

Is that all?

Not quite! Once you’ve selected your wedding venue, you must hire a catering service, wedding decorators, and wedding celebrant based in Melbourne. These local helpers will ensure that nothing goes amiss on this momentous occasion.

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