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Celebration of Your Relationship - The Commitment Ceremony

Marriage is an abstract concept that binds two individuals into a legitimate relation. Marriage is about two people combining their thoughts, their habits, their lifestyle and just accepting each other in entirety. It is about the idea that two people love each other and they are willing to continue loving and living together for the rest of their life.

Law is not necessarily for everyone, neither is the ways of the society. And - that is okay. Many people do not believe in the idea of making marriage into something more than an abstract idea. They do not believe in formalities and the customs that govern the institution. Alternatively, sometimes it is the religious restrictions, which does not let two people marry under the law. Whatever the reason may be,it is the idea of celebrating their love and togetherness that keeps them tied and bound. Some people believe in getting married in the eye of God and some people want to appreciate their relationship in front of their friends and family. For such people, the opportunity to express their love and exchange vows and acknowledge each other’s presence, exists in the form of Commitment Ceremonies.

Commitment ceremony is a way to get married without involving law in to it and giving it a legal status. There are limitless ways you can go about having the ceremony, such as introducing your own customs, which are valuable for both of you. There is no restriction on that. How you arrange the ceremony, completely depends on the people getting married. You can have your friends, a religious clergy, family member, or a celebrant to officiate your marriage.

The general elements of a commitment ceremony usually follow in this manner:

  • The ceremony starts with the greetings.The celebrant or the family member or the clergy will start it by welcoming the people and the couple, saying few words about their love, their relationship and why everyone is gathered there.

  • This is the part where the celebrant would ask the couple to share few words about each other and express the meaning of their relationship. Then they would be asked to exchange a promise or a vow that will affirm their relationship in front of their loved ones. It does not have to be a formal vows, but just a declaration of how they intend to be with each other.

  • A ring is a token of love – a concrete one. The couple is asked to exchange the rings. They can either be promise rings, eternity rings and just a flower band around the finger to stand as a reminder of this day. The couple exchangesvows, which symbolizes the ring with a promise or a proclamation. You can take your celebrant’s help in constructing the words to say, as the celebrant would understand what it means for you without making it unnecessarily formal and keeping the essence intact.

  • The last part where the celebrant pronounces the couple as wedded, or united or together – whatever you may want to name it as. The celebrant affirms the bond.

Whichever way you may want to proceed with the ceremony, I understand what a union is and how it does not require laws and the formalities to make it any more real. Whatever the reason you may have to not want a legal ceremony, I understand no reason is bigger than love, and I am here to take the stress out of planning your ceremony.

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