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Commitment Ceremony for Gay Couples

In Australia, we still have a long way to go to witness a day when same-sex marriages will be accepted as legal. Culture, law and religion – there are many reasons why same-sex marriages have been taking all the bashing since very long. However, that does not stop love from blooming. There are people who share the purest bond of love, regardless of the confines of gender, and they want to keep that commitment for the rest of their lives.

Gay marriages are the true reflection of “love sees no religion, caste or gender”. There might be boundaries in the society, however their hearts are boundless and these people choose to live the way they prefer. Gay couples who want to get married, they believe that marriage is a union between two living humans and not the gender, while other gay couples are against the idea of involving law into their personal affairs, and do not believe in defining their love through an legal obligation.

In Australia, gay marriages are not allowed and the court won’t acknowledge its official status. But here, we do. Commitment ceremony is an opportunity for gay couples who want to marry and celebrate their relationship with each other and their loved ones. Commitment ceremony does not require you to legally register your marriage. The ceremony can be held privately without any legal or formal obligations, and all the proceedings can be taken care of by friends, family member, or a celebrant who officiates your marriage.

When choosing a wedding celebrant for a commitment ceremony, many things are necessary to be considered. Choose a celebrant who understands your views and supports them. Calling someone who is against the idea of same-sex marriages is never a good idea. Nobody wants those condescending gazes.

Your wedding celebrant must understand your reasons for choosing to have a commitment ceremony. The celebrant must be able to guide you through the wedding process and help you plan the themes, speeches and how the wedding will be organized. Wedding celebrants help you write your vows, and do the research for you how you can add customs from different cultures to represents the bond of love between two people. Hand fastening is one common example which is usually seen in commitment ceremonies, where a couple binds their hands together with a ribbon and says their vows, showing their devotion and connection to each other.

Commitment ceremonies give you the flexibility to personalize the wedding in whatever way you would like. You can personalize the readings, explore the treasure of prose and poetry from around the globe, choosing the one that signifies your love. Whether you choose to hold a commitment ceremony because you do not believe in the idea of being legally bonded, or you live in a state where it is not lawfully allowed - a wedding celebrant is your guide through all of it. Whatever your reasons may be, as a wedding celebrant, I am here to take the stress out of planning your ceremony and making it happen the way you want.

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