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Commitment Ceremony – Make it all about You

Not everyone wants a wedding that goes through the whole process of legalization and formalities. Some people just want a simple ceremony, a gathering of their loved ones in front of whom the couple can acknowledge the love for each other and how they wish to spend their lives together. For them, the act of getting married has nothing to do with law. It is the matter of hearts and only hearts should be involved.

All you have to do is get a wedding celebrant who understands and respects your values and help you have a gathering where you can affirm your love. Here is how you can make your commitment ceremony all about you and your loved ones.

Let the ceremony be all about you

The whole purpose of having a commitment ceremony is to have the wedding YOUR way - to make it reflect who you are individually and as a couple. You have the freedom to say whatever you want, light up the place whoever way you want, dress up just as you like – or even say your vows deep under the sea! The whole point is to make it unique. Make it you!

Let the location speak for your love

You now have the freedom to choose whatever location you want - even if it’s on a remote island under a fairy-lit coconut tree. Choose a location that symbolizes the bond between you two. A small hut, a yacht, your backyard, or outside a coffee shop just like Phoebe and Mike did (Friends alert!).

Put your trust in the Celebrant

You do not need to have your marriage legally formalized, but you still need someone to make you go through all the process. When choosing a wedding celebrant, choose one who understands your ideas and values when it comes to not involving law into it and someone who can make you feel that your relation is accepted and respected.

The final words before the new beginning

Vows are the main part of any marriage. They are not just obligatory words, but much more than that. They symbolize the promise between two people. Saying them in front of people strengthens the meaning and value of those words. Choose your vows wisely, to reflect your values, your bond and all the experiences, which have led up you both to this moment. Ask your celebrant to help you write the vows and set a theme.

Thank all those who have been with you up till now

Commitment ceremony is all about celebrations, for not just you and your significant other but also all those people who have been with you up until now. You can personalize your readings, your poems, your rituals in a way that involves your loved ones as well. You can acknowledge their support and thank them for everything that led to this moment and also for understanding your decision as to why you did not choose any other way to get married.

Add music that is all about you

As we are aiming to keep everything unique, you can sing special songs for your significant other, and you can include your family and friends in doing so. You can prepare dances for each other or with each other. You can get classical music bands, go with the bagpipes, or have your own opera (if the acoustics permits, of course).

The point is, it is your wedding, free form all legal obligations and the pressure of getting it right. Make it all about the idea of love, regardless of how you and your significant other choose to name your relation.

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