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Innovative Wedding Invitation Trends for 2018

Innovative Wedding Invitation Trends for 2018 Marriage Ceremonies Melbourne Marie Kouroulis

A well-designed wedding invitation gives guests their first tantalizing glimpse of your upcoming wedding day. While they might seem like a formality to some, the design, colours and content of your invitations provides vital hints about the tone and theme of your nuptials. For the soon-to-be-wedded couple, custom invitations offer a unique opportunity to create excitement and anticipation around an event that might be months away.

In short, overlook your wedding invitations at your own peril. For those of you who are already on board, here are some exciting, wedding invitation ideas that you can incorporate into your own planning in the New Year.

Start With the Wrapping

Unlike books, you can definitely judge a wedding invitation by its cover, and the best way to create a memorable impression is with some unique wrapping. Natural features have been a prevailing wedding trend over the past couple of years, so a few pressed wildflowers, or even a leaf wrapped around the card in twine or lace, would be a great way to bring this theme to your invites.

Alternatively you might secure your wedding invite in an elegant muslin sleeve or perhaps even a tightly bound fabric bag. Some boutique packaging companies are even offering custom-made metallic boxes in a variety of materials, themes and colours; for those of your who are committed to going upscale with every aspect of your wedding planning it’s an option that’s too good to pass up.

Fantastic Fonts

Ornate calligraphy has long been a staple feature of most wedding cards, but nowadays wedding planners are spicing up this traditional style with some funky modern elements. Consider mixing fonts, or using offset, larger than average typeface to create a bold visual. If you are going with traditional handwritten font, you might consider pairing this with some clean art deco-geometry across the header and footer. The clash of modern and classic is what modern wedding chic is all about.

Photo Backgrounds

If you’re tired of impersonal, stock designs, then how about adding a true reflection of you, and your partner’s interests to the wedding invitation. If you’re nature lovers, then a scenic landscape of some mutually admired location could serve as the perfect background image for your wedding invite,

Alternatively if you just want to celebrate your union then how about a professional photo of you and your future partner together.

Metallic Elements

Sparkling highlights can add some eye-popping extra dimensions to your wedding invitation. Rose gold, gold and bronze finishes paired with a dark steely palette are a go-to choice for many aesthetically-minded wedding planners. If you want to be really fancy, you might even light up your calligraphy with some sparkling gold font. As a word of advice however, do leave the glitter back in kindergarten!

Custom Monograms

While custom monograms definitely aren’t a new trend, in 2018 they’re certainly being used in unique and innovative ways. Today, instead of a traditional simple, black symbol most couples are opting for ornate monogram designs that incorporate floral elements and elaborate typography, some are even going as far as to include a specially made coat of arms to achieve that regal look.


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