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Melbourne's Best Venues for a Perfect Summer Wedding

Melbourne's Best Venues for a Perfect Summer Wedding Marriage Ceremonies Melbourne Marie Kouroulis

There’s something special about summertime weddings; from the dazzling sunshine and clear blue skies, to the bursts of fantastic colour evident all around you. The hot season seems to go hand in hand with jubilation, celebration and of course, love!

Practically too, there is a wealth of reasons why summer weddings are more popular. First, because most people plan their vacation time around these months anyway, scheduling problems are far less likely. Thematically, summer allows for a more diverse colour palette that includes a variety of natural elements; all features that would seem out of place in a white winter wedding.

As far as summer cities go, Melbourne is amongst the best destinations that Australia has to offer. This charming south-eastern city buzzes with cultural diversity, stunning sceneries and an amazing culinary scene. All the elements you need to ensure a great wedding. But if you’re new to the city you might not be aware of the great wedding locations that Melbourne, has to offer. With that in mind we’ve prepared this guide to point you towards the best venues in the city.

Aria at Windmill Gardens

For an upscale outdoor wedding, the Aria simply can’t be beat. The elegant facilities are surrounded by lush, beautifully manicured garden lawns and a wealth of diverse foliage. If you’re a true romantic then the ornate gazebo setting by the lake is the perfect place to walk the altar. Seat your guests on chairs decked out with wildflowers, as you take in the fairytale view of white roses and crystal clear waters.

The Banyan Estate

This beautifully restored historical site will make you feel as if you’ve stepped back into a picture-perfect postcard from Melbourne’s colonial past. Whether you choose to host your wedding on the sprawling tree-lined lawns of the estate, or you prefer an indoor wedding beneath the ornate, 1920 auspices of the mansion itself; guests will be staring around in awe as the unique design, and beauty of the estate envelopes them.

Yellow Dog Cafe

This scenic, outdoor/indoor riverfront venue is the ideal location for a more laid-back informal ceremony. Nestled on the banks of the Indian River, this stylish restaurant offers one-of-a-kind views of sparking riverside. As the sun sets, this gorgeous locale will serve as postcard-like backdrop to your walk down the altar; and once the formalities are over, you and your guests can let your hair down in the spacious dining area and lounge.

La Gomme Rouge

Just 30 minutes west of Melbourne, you’ll find a rustic, otherworldly wedding location that offers a truly unique experience for your wedding guests. Set on a sprawling 10 acre property, populated by lush green pastures and candle-lit trees, La Gomme Rouge will make your wedding feel like a wild and exciting event for everyone involved.

Spirit Station Pier

If the sea breeze and golden sands of Melbourne’s beaches are better suited to your wedding vision, then Spirit Station Pier is where you need to be. Talk to even coordinators at the venue and you can arrange your wedding to take place indoors, on the beach, or right at the edge of the eponymous pier itself. Just imagine looking out on the vast blue ocean, as you say your vows in front of friends and family.


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