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The 10 Biggest Trends in Wedding Flowers Right Now

  • Rose

Roses have always been considered as a metaphor of love, passion and profound sentiments. They never go out of trend. Whether you go for blood red roses or white ones pinned around the table– they never look boring. Straight out of fairytale, you can put them as a centerpiece or make garlands out of it, or even floral head bands. You just cannot go wrong with them.

  • Lavender

Close to earth, rustic yet bright – lavender loved for its sweet fragrance is never out of the trend. They are inexpensive and go well with almost any flower. They can be added in the bride’s bouquet or boutonnieres. To add a whimsical touch, mason jars are always the right choice. Place the lavenders in them with tuberoses for an elegant look.

  • Peony

Nothing depicts the bride’s bashfulness and innocence better than peonies. Bright, perfumed and full-blooming flower, best for making centerpieces - peonies represent prosperity and good health.

  • Baby breath

Used as a filler flower in bouquets for almost all the time, baby breaths are making a comeback. Small bottles or mason jars filled with baby breath flowers and simple rustic roses or daisies would create a look that’s elegant and chic at the same time.

  • Dahlias

Just like the name feels like honey on the tongue, Dahlias are becoming the number one choice when it comes to wedding flowers. Best for early fall weddings, warm, dignified and dramatic – dahlias make a good choice to add a vibrant touch to the ambiance.

  • Floral wreaths

It is about time those boring old centerpieces go out of the picture. Floral garlands and overhanging floral wreaths are in trend now. They give a minimalistic look with the idea of completeness that is represented through the marriage itself.

  • Green is forever

Green is setting the theme in the late summers and it seems like it will continue all the way till the winters. Green plants, long green garlands of foliage running through the table – it is all about being subtle and less obvious while also making a statement.

  • Daisies

Forever young and symbol of eternal love – Daisies are simple, elegant and make the perfect representation of cheerfulness. They can be combined with fern, primrose or moss to complete the look.

  • Sunflowers

Not a typical choice for a wedding flower, but 2017 is all about taking chances. Sunflower represents happiness and cheerfulness. Nobody looks at a sunflower and not feel happy. They can be placed in a jar, filled with water, and combined with lilacs or daisies. Perfect for a late summer, early fall wedding.

  • Succulents

We cannot hide the fact how succulents have made their way on the list of our top favorites. The desert flower is now being used in centerpieces, bouquets, paired with bright roses or Hydrangeas or gardenias. They add a good texture and color contrast.

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