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The Best Australian Destinations for a Perfect Honeymoon

The build up to a wedding can be a stressful time for even the most laid-back couple. In the weeks leading up to the nuptials, every moment seems to be consumed by planning and budgeting for the big event. With all that intensive preparation taking place, often it’s not until the vows have actually been said, that married couples can take a moment to exhale, and reflect upon the enormity of the occasion.

That’s why honeymoons are so essential for any newly married couple. These post-wedding trips provide the first opportunity for a newly married pair to celebrate their new life, away from the expectations and responsibilities of daily life. In the process you get the opportunity to create beautiful new memories that will set the right tone for a future spent together.

Admittedly that’s a lot of importance to place on a vacation, but remember, just because you don’t have the money to spend on an exotic getaway doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a romantic honeymoon. Australia is a diverse country full of beautiful landscapes and dazzling attractions that can more that match up to your wildest expectations. Here are some of the best honeymoon destinations in Australia to help you along with your planning.

The Whitsunday Islands

Pristine white beaches, crystal clear waters and a ton of thrilling activities, that’s the unique combination which makes The Whitsunday Islands an enticing prospect for any aspiring honeymooner. This archipelago consists of 76 individual islands, each one as private and picturesque as the last. Activities available The Whitsundays Islands include:

  • Reefsleep: If you want to go to sleep staring at the stars, and wake up in time to watch the sun rise over the horizon with your partner by your side, then this overnight stay in the centre of the Great Barrier Reef, is the perfect choice.

  • Great resort hotels including Hamilton Island, and the aptly named Daydream Island

  • Whale watching expeditions from July to September

The Blue Mountains

Although visitors to the Blue Mountains will only be travelling an hour west of Sydney, they’ll feel like they’ve entered into the heart of a tropical paradise. Walk out onto the stunning ranges of this one-of-a-kind destination and you’ll be met with lush rainforests, rushing waterfalls and sparkling rivers.

If antiques are your passion, then the old timey markets will more than satisfy your cravings. Browse through the packed stores and you’ll find a slew of collectibles including, teapots, silver sets, classic jewelry and rare china.


If you’re seeking a whole city full of tropical delights, then Darwin is your dream destination. The capital city of the Northern Territories is packed to the brim full of culture, excitement and culinary delights. Here are some of the sights and activities you need to check out:

  • Sample some the amazing Asian food available at the city’s restaurants and open-air night markets. In particular, you should check out the Parap Village Markets

  • Go snorkeling at Berry Springs

  • Go crocodile watching on the city’s saltwater lakes

  • Visit the great museums and galleries to see some amazing examples of Aboriginal culture and art.

Hunter Valley

If you and your partner prize food and wine above all else, then the fabulous rolling fields of Hunter Valley are where you need to be. Located just 150 km away from Sydney, this region nevertheless retains and air of rural elegance and simplicity. Walking through the lush grass you’ll be struck by the charming architecture and striking mountain views.

Once you’ve finished wandering, you should head down some of the local wineries, and fine dining establishments. Some highlights include:

  • Audrey Wilkinson Winery, founded in 1886 this establishment offers a range of Semillons in its beautiful tasting room

  • Usher Tinkler Winery, if your tastes are more avant garde then the whiskeys and wines offered at this establishment will better match your palette. Drinks are served up alongside a delectable array of cheeses and meats.

  • For even more cheesy delights, check out Hunter Valley Cheese Factory

  • If you’re around the area during October, be sure to stop by the Jazz in Vines festival, where you can enjoy a selection of great live blues, rock and jazz music alongside some great refreshments!


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