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The Biggest Wedding Trends to Follow in 2022

Every year, we have a lot of fun anticipating the newest, biggest wedding trends we think will take flight in the coming year. However, it was a little more difficult than usual to perform this task in 2022! Weddings are starting to resemble their pre-Covid counterparts as the Covid-19 restrictions have been eased, allowing for larger, more raucous wedding celebrations.

However, what has changed? Couples are increasingly conscious of the value of spending time with friends and family, and they want their weddings to reflect this. They want to have a very exciting, personal, and creative day, with unique, unexpected touches that will wow their guests and stay with them long after the event is over.

On that note, here is our list of the biggest wedding trends of 2022 that you can keep in mind when planning your special day:

Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings

Still on the lookout for the ultimate sparkler? As couples become more emotional for their parents' and grandparents' eras and hunt for more sustainable ring options, vintage-inspired designs and heirloom rings will be at the top of the list of biggest wedding trends in 2022.

Vintage engagement rings, with their vibrant antique jewels and European cuts, are timeless in their beauty, and we love the concept of tying the knot with old-fashioned jewelry. That said, if you're considering using an heirloom ring, keep in mind that most jewelers can reconstruct an heirloom component to create a completely new ring.

Back-Garden Weddings

Back-garden weddings are slowly making their way back and becoming one of the biggest wedding trends of 2022. Over the last two years, people have been visiting romantic back-garden areas and weddings with enchanted gardens, taking advantage of the beauty of greenery-filled outdoor locations.

Sure, back-garden locations and weddings are limited to warm climates and require more planning. However, they allow you to host your wedding day in a very special way, serving as a completely unique wedding location for your guests. Not to mention you'll have more control over the look and feel of the day. And depending on how cooperative your neighbors are, you can party for as long as you want!

Unusual Reception Table Layouts

During the pandemic, venue organizers and wedding stylists designed some pretty unusual table plans and room layouts to keep people safe, and some of them worked out better than anyone could have expected!

As a result, we're seeing a lot of unique table arrangements for 2022, including square table groupings, U shapes, T shapes, X-shaped long tables, infinity shapes, double-width long tables, single-length dining tables, and. These unique layouts give your dining space a hip, contemporary feel if you have the space and your guest list permits it.

Wrapping Up

Whether your wedding is scheduled for 2022 or not, your nuptials should be unique, creative, and enjoyable. We also expect couples to prioritize sustainability and support local businesses. People are likely to strike a balance between these principles and a desire to let their hair down and catch up on all the events they missed out on. In the end, the abovementioned biggest wedding trends of 2022 will add spark to your wedding and make it a day to remember!


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