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Tips for Writing Heartfelt Wedding Vows

Wedding vows are the most essential part of a marriage ceremony. It is a bridge that two people build together. It is an assurance and acceptance of your love in its truest form. Wedding vows are more than just traditional words. It does not matter if you have a fixed set of vows or you are going to personalize them on your own, the significance of wedding vows is beyond these technicalities.

We all have seen people fretting over and pacing around when it comes to writing their wedding vows. That’s only natural. It is often said that actions matter more than words, however, this is the point in your life where your words are as important as the act itself.

Here are some tips how you cannot mess up the vows.

Keep it Simple!

You do not need big and heavy words to express your sentiments. This is not your vocabulary test! Even when you are going for traditional vows, you can still keep them clear and simple by using your own language. Why? Because nothing makes us feel more than the words uttered in our own language. I was once told that when we are angry, we always express it in our language because that is the time when we are feeling the most. This is why it makes sense that we deliver the vows in our own language so we can feel the true essence of those words.

Do not over do it!

Sometimes, the overwhelming rush of emotions can make us say things without having a check on them, but this is where you need to make sure that you do not speak less or more than necessary. In fact, do not worry about the length. Just focus on what you have to say, and say them right. The length does not matter when it comes to making the promise of a lifetime.

Be realistic!

You do not want to be saying things, which are not true. This will only affect the credibility of your words. Saying all those things, which are not a part of who you are only takes away the purpose of the vows. Be honest and say only what you truly mean, and believe that you can live up to it.

Make it relevant!

What you say in your vows is an accumulation of what has happened so far in the lives of you two and what you hope to make happen in future, which is why you need to go with the flow. Listen to what your partner is saying and respond to them. Because it’s you two making the promise and telling each other what you are willing to do to keep the bond strong forever. Your vow is a thank you, a promise, an assurance, and acknowledgement of each other’s love. So, listen. Listen to what your partner is saying, and respond to that. Be present in the moment.

You don’t need to ask for help from people around you for writing the vows. It is your story and nobody can write it better than you. Keep it simple. Keep it real. Keep it yours.


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