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Garden Weddings

Weddings can go perfectly, if one spends some time ironing out the details. If you are planning yours, then you might want to rethink the whole traditional setup. Why not tie the knot with your beloved in a garden wedding? Imagine being surrounded by the arboreal atmosphere with flowery scents permeating the whole affair and you will be ready to plan a garden wedding!

You will need a list of things to take care of, if you want the garden wedding to go off without a hitch. Here are some of the most important things that should feature on your to-do list:

  1. Deciding on a garden as the wedding venue is all good, however, you might also want to check out the rulebook on that. Certain rules must be observed and permits obtained before the wedding can take place, for instance, at the park near your childhood home.Don’t forget that the same rules won’t apply to every park, so it is better to confirm.

  2. A garden might be beautiful and a cost-effective solution. However, there are other things that need your attention before that can happen. For instance, if you are considering the backyard in your parents’ home as the venue for your wedding, then make sure it has enough space. Think about your guest list, then consider if you plan to have a buffet at the reception.Different kinds of receptions will require a venue with different capacities. If you are going to hold the ceremony along with the reception at that venue, then you are going to need even more space.

  3. The next thing of importance when planning a garden wedding is the weather. If it is going to be windy and you will be holding the event out of doors, then you will have to prepare accordingly. The arrangements will include the accessories, such as umbrellas, gloves, and scarves that are appropriate for the weather.

Don’t forget to arrange for those accessories, as well as, appoint someone from the bridal party who will bringing them on the wedding day

  1. Forgetting what theme you want to base your wedding around could be a big mistake! Think about what attracts you the most. Do you want a rustic wedding? How about having a vintage theme? What about sophisticated country? The answers to these questions will influence all the aesthetic decisions in your wedding decorations etc. For instance, the types of flowers that go with a vintage themed wedding might look out of place at a rustic one.

  2. When you send the wedding invite to your guests, they will thank you if you mention what kind of shoes they might want to wear. Ending up with the wrong issues would be stressful and uncomfortable and that is the last thing that you want to do!

It seems that once you have made all the things on this list happen, you are all set to go. All things taken care of, it is now time to look your best and walk down the grassy aisle. We hear wedding bells!

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