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LGBT Wedding Trends For 2018

LGBT Wedding Trends For 2018 Marriage Ceremonies Melbourne Marie Kouroulis

Love is love, no matter where you look, and this year Australia has confirmed that universal adage in a big way. All across the country, gay and lesbian couples are celebrating their newfound freedom by ringing in 2018 with some of the most joyful, and extravagant wedding ceremonies you’ve ever seen.

Of course, with all that nuptial competition, the pressure to stand out does increase a little more. After all, with same-sex marriage legislation in the air since early last year, any long-term LGBT couple will have had wedding planning on their minds for a while now. But if you’re finding your best ideas co-opted by a stream of other wedded pairs, then never fear; we’ve compiled this list of cutting-edge LGBT wedding trends to help you add a unique flair to your matrimonial preparations.

Candles over Florals

While natural accents have been a prevailing feature in many traditional outdoor weddings, LGBT couples seem to be bucking the trend with the addition of clustered candles instead. Rustic lighting helps create warmth and intimacy around any wedding ceremony, and it can create a truly magical atmosphere when juxtaposed against a starlit outdoor setting.

If you’re hosting the wedding at an indoor venue and you want to take advantage of this trend, consider multicolored LED candles. These are far less garish, as compared to disco balls, and can also be coordinated to correspond to Pride colours in a nod to the community at large.

The Double Ring Ceremony

LGBT weddings provide the perfect opportunity to create new wedding traditions, and the double ring ceremony is one of them. Before rings are handed to the wedded couple, they are passed amongst the wedding guests who each say a small prayer or wish while holding the ring. This unique ritual really brings home the inclusivity and family atmosphere of many of the ceremonies taking place this year.

Retro Clothing

No, we’re not talking about 70’s bell bottoms, so don’t worry too much. However, increasingly we are seeing references to 20’s and 30’s American fashions when it comes to wedding attire. This era of well elegant sartorial trends, provides the perfect counterbalance to wilder, less traditional ceremonies. Look for burgundy and plum designs, square-cut suits and ornate, extravagantly detailed dresses. In fact, this trend is even extending to the wedding carriage; if you can find a vintage vehicle to carry you to the ceremony then you can create a pretty memorable entrance to the event.

Three-Day Weddings

Gay marriage has been a long time coming to Australia, so why limit the festivities to just one day. Plan your wedding for a long weekend and invite all your friends and family to a stunning getaway. Instead of blowing all your cash on the ceremony, save some of your budget for fun, group activities and end your event with big bang by gathering all your guests together to watch you finally tie the knot.


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